Question: Why doesn't "plot" display the graph?

Do you have any idea why the graph of function f (see the attached file) is not displayed?
How can I plot it without using the 

plot([seq([t, f], t in [seq](0.9..1.12, 0.002))]);

command ?

Thanks in advance.



`Maple 2015.2, APPLE UNIVERSAL OSX, Dec 20 2015, Build ID 1097895`


f := 4.185692792*10^2172*t^2499*exp(-5000.000000*sqrt(t));

# Here is a plot of f

plot([seq([t, f], t in [seq](0.9..1.12, 0.002))]);




# How can I plot f using simply:

plot(f, t=0.9..1.12);  #no graph


# As numelems([seq](0.9..1.12, 0.002)) = 111, I assume
# that forcing numpoints to a number that at least equal
# to this one could give a non null display?

plot(f, t=0.9..1.12, numpoints=1000):  #no graph

# adaptive=true option doesn't help

plot(f, t=0.9..1.12, adaptive=true):  #no graph

# Last attempt by forcing a list of points where f has to be evaluated.

plot(f, t=0.9..1.12, sample=[seq](0.9..1.12, 0.002))




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