Question: Problem With Worksheet After Installing update 2023.1

I installed Maple 2023.1 update and immediately noticed a problem with the worksheet editor.

Specifically, the editor seems to be replacing "<" with "!" in the maple code. I first noticed the problem with code copied from the maple code editor into a worksheet, but then noticed the same problem with code on another worksheet which was loaded from file. Thus, it seems the problem is actually in the worksheet editor and not the copy paste function.  Note that the problem occurred immediately on reloading files after I restarted maple from the update. Normally, when this occurs, it starts after Maple has been loaded for an hour or more. Fortunately, when I restarted Maple and reloaded files, the problem seems to have cleared itself.

I have attached images showing the maple screen with the error, and also the specific code copied from the code editor to a worksheet for comparison.  I have also attached the worksheets in which I saw the problem. For now my goto workaround is to save and restart because the problem does not seem to corrupt the actual files even when I save them.



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