Question: How can I do a particular type of partitioning of a list of polynomials, automatically, using a simple and efficient method in Maple?

Hi all

Let us consider the set [f1=x-y, f2=-x^2+y^2, f3=x*y+x*z, f4=-x*y*z+z^3, f5=x*y^2+y*z^2-z^3] contain homogeneous polynomials in K[x,y,z]. It has the elements of degree 1,2, and 3. Now, we start from degree 1 so we have [x-y]. Now, we go to degree 2. Now, we shall multiply f1 by the variables and add to this set f2 and f3 i.e. we have now

[x-y], [x^2-x*y, x*y-y^2, x*z-y*z, -x^2+y^2, x*y+x*z]

 We have to continue to degree 3 and multiply f1 by all monomials in degree two in k[x,y,z] and multiply f2 and f3 by any variable and add them to f4 and f5 so we have finalyas a output:

[[x-y], [x^2-x*y, x*y-y^2, x*z-y*z, -x^2+y^2, x*y+x*z], [x^3-x^2*y, x^2*y-x*y^2, x^2*z-x*y*z, x*y^2-y^3, x*y*z-y^2*z, x*z^2-y*z^2, -x^3+x*y^2, -x^2*y+y^3, -x^2*z+y^2*z, x^2*y+x^2*z, x*y^2+x*y*z, x*y*z+x*z^2, -x*y*z+z^3, x*y^2+y*z^2-z^3]]. How can I do this automatically by a simple and efficient method in Maple?


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