Question: Memory Leak Problem, continued

 In the memory leak problem with my DStarLepNu simulation program, I did find one cause in that due to normalization errors the accept/reject algorithm in ‘PickAngles’ was executed too many times. This should have just made angle generation inefficient but occasionally, but not always produced very big memory bumps when a large number of trials were needed to pick angles. It’s not clear why these bumps occurred as the code being executed is always the same and is simple.

Fixing this did however not prevent memory crashes or even reduce them much.

I have since turned off accept/rej and calls to ‘arccos’ and more modest spikes remain and crashes still occur!

I don’t understand how Maple memory management works. My B-meson decay prov ‘bDecay’ usually gives  still shows occasional spikes and and there’s a weird correlation between the first (B1) and second (B2) call:


çMemory added by ‘bDecay’ proc on 1st call vs 2nd call in the B1-B2 event loop..

èWhat with the slope and difference in width?

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