Question: how to call dsolve with _homogeneous, `class G` method?

Maple dsolve allows one to specify the algorithm to use to solve the ode. But sometimes it is very tricky to figure the syntax,

This ode 



               [[_homogeneous, `class G`], _rational, [_Abel, `2nd type`, `class A`]]

I wanted now to call dsolve telling dsolve to use the first method above. But how? All the following syntax failed for me

sol:=dsolve(ode,['_homogeneous, `class G`']);
sol:=dsolve(ode,'[_homogeneous, `class G`]');

All return method not found .

I am sure I am using wrong syntax but do not know what the correct one should be.



Methods for first order ODEs:
--- Trying classification methods ---
trying a quadrature
trying 1st order linear
trying Bernoulli
trying separable
trying inverse linear
trying homogeneous types:
trying homogeneous G
<- homogeneous successful

With long solution printed now OK. 

When using just '[homogeneous]' it works


It gives same solution as default case.

What is the correct syntax to tell dsolve to use specific method [_homogeneous, `class G`] ? i.e. I need to add class G

The reason I ask is becuase Maple have different kind of homogeneous method as described here

Maple 2023.2.1 on windows 10

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