Question: Option to display or not display a default message when my package loads

I setup my package to display the a message when it is loaded. It is quiet convienent but I don't need it all the time. Obviously I can "#" in the code to hide it premanently. I was wondering if there is away to optionally turn it off/on. Something along the lines.

with(RationalTrigonometry,false) or with(RationalTrigonometry)[false]....

Or put something in the .ini flie to set the default behaviour.

 "Default global settings:-

     GeomClr = "Blue",

      Prntmsg = true,

       Prjpsn = 3 can be set to 1,

      Normalgpt = 1 or set to 0, 

    Metric is a 3 x3 symmetric matrix defaults to the Identity 

    matrix "


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