Question: Challenges with SU(2) Field Strength Tensor Calculation in Radial Coordinates (Handling Unit Vector Multiplication and Differentiation)

Context of My Code:

I want to determine the SU(2) field strength tensor for a specific field configuration(later the equations of motion). I have managed to implement the covariant derivative and the gauge field, but now I am encountering problems with the field strength tensor. When substituting the definitions of my gauge field (7) and my covariant derivative (13) into my field strength tensor (14), the following problems occur:

  1. The derivatives do not act on f(r) or r (r should be the radial component of my coordinate system).
  2. The unit vectors are not explicitly multiplied together. Mixed terms should vanish and quadratic terms should result in one.

I am not even sure if I can properly form F[]^2 due to my definition in (4). I have seen in the setup that there are SU(2) indices, but I couldn't find anything helpful on how to handle this. Is it better to use SU(2) indexing?

It would be nice if someone could tell me why my terms are not simplifying or direct me to where I need to look to understand it.

Here is my code: 


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