Question: Why I cannot get results of those instructions?

Dear MapleUsers,


I was trying to run this couple of instruction copied below, but I cannot obtain any result. Did I forget to include some package?. I am using Maple 10.

In the FIRST case I get a message:

        Error, (in simpl/min) arguments must be of type algebraic
       Plotting error, empty plot

In the SECOND case the error message is:


      Error, (in unknown) invalid argument


Thanks in advance  for your help.

Jean Jacques



pts:= NULL:

  for X3 from 0 to 1 by 0.01 do
    R:= fsolve({-3*x1+4*x1^3-3*x2+4*x2^3-3*X3+4*X3^3 = 0, 
         5*x1-20*x1^3+16*x1^5+5*x2-20*x2^3+16*x2^5+5*X3-20*X3^3+16*X3^5 = 0},
    if type(R,set) then 
      X2:= min(map(rhs,R));
      X1:= max(map(rhs,R));   
      M1:= X1 + X2 + X3;
      pts:= pts, [X1,M1],[X2,M1],[X3,M1];
    end if
  end do:




plottools[transform]((x,y,z) -> [x,x+y+z])

    x1=0..1, x2=0..1, x3=0..1));




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