Question: Setting up a loop that resets

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<p>How do I set up a loop that resets if a certain condition is met? </p>
<p>I have set up a loop that pulls and runs an external process. However, if certain conditions are met, I wish the loop to reset from the beginning and take the last output from the process as the new input.</p>
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<p>for i from 1 to 10 do</p>
<p>     tester:=baseset[i]:</p>
<p>     tester:=process(tester)[1]:</p>
<p>     check:=process(tester)[2]:</p>
<p>if check:=1 then "reset i" fi:</p>
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<p>I have tried this loop by resetting "i:=1". However, I believe that the system is setting the variable "i" to 1 and continuing the loop instead of resetting it (restarting at i=1).</p>
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<p>Please advise,</p>
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