Question: Execution Stopped: Unhandled signal caught (UNKNOWN: 1)

Hi all

I've launched a maple program (.mpl) with the syntax someone suggested to me here in the forum:

nohup nice -n19 maple <name.mpl> out.out &

on a pc to whom I've access through a ssh tunnel.

The code begins with the lines:




... procedure declarations

... body of the program




Something strange seems to be happened, because the program hasn't accomplished all of his tasks.

The file garbage ends with

memory used=69672.9MB, alloc=78.7MB, time=1295.80
memory used=69749.2MB, alloc=78.7MB, time=1297.22
memory used=69825.5MB, alloc=78.7MB, time=1298.67
memory used=69901.8MB, alloc=78.7MB, time=1300.09

(it was calculating a tensor) but the output file out.out ends with

> appendto("./garbage.txt");
Execution Stopped: Unhandled signal caught (UNKNOWN: 1)

Does someone know what this error means?



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