Question: Dealling Matrix with Maple


I'm a student majoring in Finance, and recentlly I am learning Maple.

But I found a question that I don't know how to deal with:

When learning Econometrics, and sometimes other subjects, we need to simplify a eq. like (X'*X)*b=X'*Y, where X,b,Y are Matrixes and we need to solve b.  And the kind  like that.

But in Maple,we deal with Matrixes where we Know them, demensions, elements(maybe symbolic). But sometimes we just need to simplify or solve eqs. where the particular elements or their demensions are not needed to be clear. But how to Realize in Maple?

I've tried it with the commond assume(), like assume(X::Matrix). It seems that it works well when check with commond about(x). But when I put X into caculations, No proper results are brought out.(Like Transpose operations etc.)

I wonder whether Maple can work properly under this kind of need? How to?

Thanks for your reading. Or you may contact with my e-mail: (Just Replace # with @.) Thanks again.

Echo Koon

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