Question: maple via ssh and connection timeout


I must work with the textual version of Maple, via ssh. My program asks for a lot of time (10^5 seconds) , so that  I usally let it to run all the night. What happens is that when the calculation is done, the ssh server close the connection due to time inactivity, and I can't either use the results or continue my work there.

My questions are then:

1) Can I set Maple to keep the connection alive?

2) If I give a sequence of this kind (in the same execution group)

V:= Array( ... something very very long to calculate ...) :
save V, "/home/myname/V.txt":

will Maple be able to performe the save command (good for me, because I could read the results in the txt file whenever I want), or the connection will be closed after V is calculated?




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