Question: [MS_v2] Parameters and their import to ("Analysis") templates

Dear all,

I'm stuck here with a parameter passing issue, I understand that the parameters I define are global to all items "below", incuding nested subsystems, this seems logical and works nicely in MapleSim.

But, when I want to "analyse" a subsystem with a template using parameters from "above" I get an nasty error message "... cannot resolve or variable not defined" !
It looks like that "parameters" "above" one level are not imported into Maple when you open a template, is this really the case or am I missing something ?

If not, Maple developers pls, it's time to update/improve this ;) Importing global from "above" I believe is not a big affair.

What can I do to get around ? I suppose the reply was intended to mean: change in the section "the following list of parameters..." in the template, but with undefined parameters from a higher block I get stuck at the first "System Update" button.

Thanks for your input

Another story,
I can define a variable inside a subblock, with the same name as one defined above, then if I eqate this variable to the name above (i.e. to itself), then Maple hangs an I have to kill it the "hard way.
It is rater logic but it would be nice to have a quick check before running to avoid/warn about recurrent or looped definitions, or at least have an "emergency stop" button ;)

And one more:
I find no simple way how to force an input of a sub-block to a fixed vaue, i.e. I have a ground pin connected to the ground outside the subblock, it must be defined for the Analysis template to do its job, but even a pad connected to ground seems not to be "imported", and I hate to have several "GND's hidden inside sub-blocks. Have you ever debugged ground loops on some hardware ? it's a tough task.
So why not either import fixed values to open pins, or add a few items in the "Analysis and Simulation" section of the template such that "open" pins can be initialised in a graphical way (probably by editing the equations higher up one can get around, but try doing that for a complex block with a dozen items and a few sub-blocks)

Further suggestions:
What about showing the name of the input/output pins on the diagramme block of a sub-system, then we get them into the template views too, otherwise it's tedious to always flip back and forth to find the right names.

I really like MapleSim but I still spend quite some time doing repeating actions I could imagine better automatised.

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