Question: [MS_v2] How to run an analysis on composite bloks o bloks with bolean clipping functions ?

Dear all

I get a nasty message when trying to "Analys" a module representing some hardware with an analog output clipping signal (standard MapleSim block): " ...cannot create DynamicSystems with Model that consists of bolean equations ..."

I agree, thinking of it, one cannot correctly analyse this, but on the other side it could be possible to give a warning then ignore (or simplify) the boleans. Because I'm giving up finding a simple work-around ! I have tried to enclose the lot with a "SHORT" switch and add an extra "test input link", it makes my bloks very complex to debug too, but no way.

Furthermore, when I have a sub-blok starting with an input to a mechanical to signal converter (i.e. position sensor) and finally ending up with a voltage output, I cannot either run the analysis on it, the "metric" position is not accepted as input, it seems that the translation to DynamicSystems only accepts "signal" or "electric" variables. This I beleive could and should be added in future releases, a transfer function analysis is also valid in Meters to Volts, no ?

My only workaround for that is to have a free hanging input coming in after the position to "signal" conversion, but I do not like to have two inputs on the same line and have them "hanging" from one sub-block to the next.

In fact I'm trying to make generic sub-block for my position, velocity, acceleration sensors, including their conditionner electronics to run realisitc simulations on my opto-mechatronic systems, this gives the possibility to better analyse and identify signal levels over the plant.

My next task nis attacking the ADC/DAC conversion part ;)

Suggestions appreciated


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