Question: Numerical solution from procedure

Good Afternoon,

Would anybody be kind to help me with the attached file. I have created procedures to calculate the Area, center of gravity , section modulus and moment of inertia of a cross section.

I'm testing the worksheet with an existing example from a text book, and the results are as follows

Area = 75*in2

Zxxtop = 119.219*in3

Zxxbott = 133.245*in3

Ixx = 629.212*in4

Zyyleft = 88.583*in3

Zyyright = 88.583*in3

Iyy = 442.917*in4

xbar = 4.722*in

ybar = 5.0*in

Note in the attached file that I did not include unit in the calculation.

The only result that is correct in the worksheet is the Area, please guide me as to how to generate the rest of the results using Maple.


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