Question: Order of gridlines in plots


I often use  the display(plot1, plot2, ..., axis[1]=[tickmarks=[0,100,200,300,400], gridlines=[5, subticks=true]], axis[2]=[tickmarks=8, gridlines=[8, subticks=true]]) command to plot several plots in one and to adjust the gridlines to what looks better than the default.

The only thing is - using this command, the vertical gridlines in dark grey (belonging to the x-axis) are "interrupted" by the horizontal y-axis-gridlines (also in dark grey) and by the horizontal subtick-lines, which are in light grey. This leads to the ugly result, that the more "important" vertical gridline has light grey spots in it because of the horizontal "unimportant" subtick-lines.

This also happens, if I do not adjust each axis by itself, so if I use axis=[gridlines].

I assume this happens because maple always draws the x-axis stuff first, and then draws the y-axis stuff. This would mean, I would have to draw the subtick-lines for both axes first, and then draw the gridlines. How does that work?

Or have you got any other solution to this problem? (No, drawing the gridlines by myself with lineplot etc. is not an option, that is considered to be user friendly :).)

Thank you very much for helping me (getting around with Maples bugs ;))!


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