Question: Equation for a N(0,10) PDF with a Stop at -10

I was wondering how I can get the equation for Probability Density Function (PDF) for a variable x which follows

a normal distribution with mean 0 and stdev 10 but also has a stop at -10 (ie all x's that are more negative

than -10 becomes -10). I can plot such a function with the below code but I dont know

how to extract the equation for the PDF...humm


n := 1000:
m := 0: sdev := 10:  Stop := -10:

r := Sample(RandomVariable(Normal(m, sdev)), n):

rr := map(proc (x) options operator, arrow; `if`(x <= Stop, Stop, x) end proc, r) :

P := proc (x) options operator, arrow; evalf((KernelDensity(rr, method = exact, bandwidth = .48))(x)) end proc :

KernelDensityPlot(rr, method = exact, bandwidth = .48, color = red, thickness = 3) ;


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