Question: undoing in maple

From format->autoexecute , I wanted to press "clear" but accidentally pressed "clear all" ... now all 200 of my autoexecuted functions (which were very carefully placed and is not easy to remember which ones they were!) have been removed and pressing edit->undo does NOTHING!

I'm so lucky that I save my maple worksheets every time I make big changes (so I have maybe 36 versions of this worksheet!) .... but should maple not be able to "undo" somehting THAT simple!


I can partially understand why (although its VERY frusterating) Maple won't let me undo something like,


since that would involve removing a's assignment to equal 2 and resetting it to equal 'a' , but HOW HARD IS IT FOR SOMEONE TO PROGRAM MAPLE TO MAKE UNDOING POSSIBLE FOR SOMETHING LIKE AUTOEXECUTION POINTS!!!

Anyway, the question is, is there a way to "force" an undo in maple when something like this happens ??

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