Question: Cancelling common term from fraction (numerator is a sqrt)

So, i've got an expression like this:

f = -1/n/n1*sqrt(-n1*n*K^2+K^2*n1^2+n1*n^2*L-L*n*n1^2) + z

(that's what the maple output is. it might make more sense to rearrange it as  -sqrt(-n1*n*K^2+K^2*n1^2+n1*n^2*L-L*n*n1^2) / (n*n1) + z )

Is there a way i can factor out n1 from each term within the sqrt, split the sqrt into 2 sqrt's (so, -sqrt(n1) * sqrt(blahblahbalh) / (n*n1)) + z and then put it in the final form -sqrt(blahblahblah) / (n * sqrt(n1)) + z ??

I've been trying to figure this out for a while but to no avail.  Any suggestions much appreciated, thanks!

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