Question: adding custom symbol combo to Palette, trimming plot canvas, centering title,...

These four questions arose while trying to learn how to use Maple 12:

(1) How do I add my own, often-used symbol combinations (e.g. ‘J’ with an overhead circle) to the Favorites Palette?

(2) For a 3-D plot, how do I trim off unused parts of the plot canvas, which is huge compared with the plot region itself?

(3) I have a Palette open next to the document I'm working in, and everything that should be centered in the Document area, such as title/date and plots, is in fact placed off-center, as though the Palette area were not there.  Is there a way to correct this?

(4) The first times I started Maple 12, it opened with the default Palettes in a Dock area to the left of the Document area.  Opening all the Palettes to see what was in them created another Dock area on the right side.  After pruning all the Palettes but one (Favorites), I tried to get rid of the right-side Dock area.  I finally found out how to do that in this forum, but not before using the 'Collapse Docks' option.  Ever since I've been unable to have the Palattes Dock area only on the left side, without one on the right.  How do I do that?  Quitting and restarting Maple didn't help.

Thanks for all responses.

- Dushan Mitrovich

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