Question: PreCalc


llvll=3              u=<4,-4>

-Find the magnitude of the given vector and divide each of the components by that magnitude. That will produce a unit vector that is the same direction of the given vector. Since it wants the magnitude to be equal to 3, multiply each component by 3. Make sure the radicans are out of the denominator. The answer should be a vector in component form.



llvll=3            u=3i+4j

-Find the unit vector associated with the given vector. Divide each component by the magnitude of the vector. Now you have a vector with a magnitude of 1 in the same direction as the given vector. Since you want the magnitude to equal 3, multiply each component of the unit vector by 3.


llv1ll=70 lbs. @ -30degrees                                    resultant=v1+v2+v3=<46.5, 35.7>

llv2ll=40 lbs. @ 45degrees

llv3ll=60 lbs. @ 135degrees

The resultant vector I found is correct, but I need to find the magnitude and direction.


Is this Correct?????

velocity=580 mph @ N60degreesW

wind=SW 60 mph

llv1ll=air speed: magnitude=580 mph


llv2ll=wind speed: magnitude=60 mph


v1=<502.29, 502.29>

v2=<42.43, 42.43>

airplane=v1+v2=<544.73, 544.73>

(((I know this is sort of already spelled out for me, but I'm obviously still having problems. Please help and show work. Thank you! Thank you!)))


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