Question: matrix


The problem is:
Mat1(x,y) = A(x,y).*Mat11(x,y) + B(x,y).*Mat11(x,y).^2
Mat2(x,y) = A(x,y).*Mat22(x,y) + B(x,y).*Mat22(x,y).^2
Mat3(x,y) = A(x,y).*Mat33(x,y) + B(x,y).*Mat33(x,y).^2
Mat4(x,y) = A(x,y).*Mat44(x,y) + B(x,y).*Mat44(x,y).^2
Mati(x,y) are all real and known matrices (x by y)
What I want is to optimise the above equations to obtain matrices A(x,y) and B(x,y)
How can I solve such? Any idea how I can code it in Matlab?



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