Question: multithreads


ccAndrew 688 Maple

Kernelopts(multithreaded) returns true for both my P4 hyper thread processor (which is fine) and also my P3 tecra 8100 laptop. huh?

Isn't multithread only supposed to return true if there is hyperthread technology on the chip or the processor was dual core or dual processor.  Why is it returning true on my laptop P3 single processor? 

Also the command kernelopts(numcpus=5) will return the previous number of numcpus and not the 5 you set it to however it is set to 5.  You just have to run the kernelopts(numcpus) command to see what number of CPUs maple is set to. 

I realize the multithread option in maple is still in it's infancy, there's hardly any documentation on it.  Can someone lay out a few good examples where multithreads would be useful?  or point to a good tutorial page on it?

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