Question: problem with codegeneration - "assigning to a long list, please use Arrays"

Hi, I have a code that generate a fortran subroutine that calculate the high order derivatives of the unknowns of a partial differential system. it  works well but when the list of local variables is too long (it happen for some kind of complex(but not too much) differential equations) i get the following error from the "codegeneration" command:

"assigning to a long list, please use Arrays"

the problem is that i can't change manually the list  there are too many variable and their names change. There is the command codegen[packlocals] but I wasn't able to use it,because I need a generale procedure to pack the local variables because the name are always different (they come from the following command: codegen[optimize] and codegen[split]. So there is a way to use codegen[packlocals] saying to pack ALL the local variables? or do you have any other way to solve this problem?

I attach my sheet( It takes 40 seconds to run)

Download 8216_cauchyKOVALEVSKIshallowFONDOmobPETER-MULLER.mws
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thanks a lot


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