Question: Best way for optimizing a Fortran output. Problem with 'tryhard' in codegen[optimize]

Hi. I have some doubts about how to optimize a fortran very complicated output. I have an array called "stampa" that contain high order derivatives(very long expression). I create a fortran soubroutine for "stampa" with CodeGeneration with the following commands:

Fortran(%, optimize,defaulttype=numeric,deducetypes=false);

I have the following problems or doubts,:

1)I would like to use tryhard in codegen[optimize] but if i use it maple gets stuck for more then one hour and then i have to stop the computation( the calculation usually takes 10 seconds without 'tryhard' and the results seem good), but I don't know if it's optimized enough). Is it necessary to use tryhard? why doesn't it work?

2) is it also necessary to use "optimize" in the "Fortran" Codegeneration command?

3)Is it ok to use codegen commands before Codegeneration "Fortran" command? I mean: in the help they suggest to  not use codegen because it's obsolete, but i didn't find a CodeGeneration equivalent of codegen[makeproc].

I attach also my sheet if you need it.

Download 8216_DOMfortranMISTE_inviato.mws
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