Question: How Can I solve a PDE system with this initial conditions ?

I'm a primer in Maple, My problem is that I want to solve this PDE system.

PDE:= [diff(u(x,t),t)= diff(v(x,t),t,t) + u(x,t) - 1/3*u(x,t)^3 -v(x,t), diff(v(x,t),t)=u(x,t)-v(x,t)];

IBC :=  {u(x, 0) = tanh(x), v(x, 0) = 0};

pds := pdsolve(PDE,IBC,[u,v],numeric);

This gives me this error.

Error, (in pdsolve/numeric) initial/boundary conditions must be defined at one or two points for each independent variable.


I don't undertand what does mean? So can anyone explain this please  to me , What should be the right initial conditions?

Thanks you.

Irving Rondon



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