Question: How do I get access to results from Solve function with inequality constraints with Maple?

Hi all

I'm using the SOLVE (Maple11) function to solve inequalities: solve({f_1(x,y,z)=0, f_2(x,y,z)>=0, f_2(x,y,z)<=1, f_3(x,y,z)>=0, f_3(x,y,z)<=1}, z);

Thus, I have 3 equations with 3 variables (x,y,z) and I have 5 constraints (4 inequalities and 1 equality).

Maple gives me the following result:

A piecewise function where the components are a plane equation in regarding the 5 constraints and no solution otherwise. (See the picture)

The problem is I'm not able to automatically get access to the plane equation (or the constraints) inside this result to plot it. What is the structure that Maple uses to show this result? My aim is to plot this plane with plot3d in regarding the 5 constraints to obtain a bounded plane.

Could somebody help me



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