Question: Connecting to Blackboard

I recently asked about HTTP Requests and found out it could be done with either a Socket or with the HTTP package. The reason I asked is that I would like to connect to Blackboard (Course Management System). I would like Bb to launch a Maple worksheet or maplet and then Maple to be able to insert grades into the Bb gradebook. Does anyone know how to do that?

At first I was under the impression that Bb required content providers to be SCORM compliant. I asked Maplesoft tech support and was told Maple is not SCORM compliant. The reason is that SCORM requires content to be in a web page written in XML and communicating via certain Javascript commands.

This morning I found that Bb can also communicate via WSDL, SOAP and HTTP using a Blackboard PowerLink.  Has anyone written a Blackboard PowerLink for Maple? I'm also planning to post this query at the  Blackboard Powerlinks Developers Network

The web pages I looked at are

In addition I found that Bb can communicate using a Blackboard Building Block. Has anyone written a Blackboard Building Block for Maple?

The web page is

Thanks for any suggestions.


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