Question: kernel connection lost (upgrade from maple 11.01 to 11.02?)


During a longish run (memory usage gets to about 1815M in 583s ) the loop terminates with the error message

" Kernel connection lost

kernel connection has been lost. you should save the worksheet and restart Maple. Executing commands in maple requires a connection to the maple kernel. firewalls have been known to cause problems with kernel connections in maple. please ensure that any firewall settings are configured to allow maple to create connections to the kernel. consult the faq for more information  "

Seems odd that this is to do with firewalls -why would it work for the first 4000 loops & then hit a firewall problem?

Also I'm a single user with maple installed locally on my pc, not connecting over the internet. What do firewalls have to do with what maple is doing in this case?

I've just upgraded from maple v 11.01 to 11.02 -could this have caused the problem? I didnt run this particular code under v11.01 so I can't be sure but it does seem a bit of a coincidence -i've never seen this error message before

I've looked at faq but cant see anything that relates to this problem.

I'd be v grateful for any ideas as this is stopping me working.


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