Question: Update old version - maplesoft removed older updates, how do I get one?

Sorry if I posted in the wrong spot.

I have an old laptop I'm giving to my daughter to play around on and I'm installing Maple V version 3 on it.  Yes, laugh it's a 486 DX4 toshiba laptop, but I got it for free and I don't mind if the kids play around with it. 

I had Maple V version 3 so I installed it on the laptop.  I don't think any of the newer versions above ver.5 would work with a 486, maybe version 6 but I have 5 so I'm using that.

Anyways, I'm looking to upgrade that older version from Maple V version 3 to version 5.1 the latest for that particular release. 

Anybody know where or how I can update that version to 5.1?  Maplesoft I think just recently removed all of it's older update packages.


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