Question: The order of variables in an answer

Is there a way for maple to display an answer with a set order?  or set it so it always does it a certain way.

As an example, lets take eq1:=a=(v-vo)/t then solve(eq1,{v});  (I put the v in {} so the answer will display the full equation).  Without the {} it only displays the answer.  Anyways, the answer returned is {v=a*t+vo

I would like to manipulate it so that maple will always display an equation with a single variable first.  So, for in our example I would like it shown as  v=vo+a*t

I know maple can sort based on the powers of a variable, but what about the number of variables?  There is also a similar issue where answers pop out that have the negative sign out front instead of multiplying it through and rearranging the equation to look "proper" so to speak. 


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