Question: DEplot. Setting initial varialbe conditions

<p>i have the following DE <maple>de := diff(y(t), t) = y(t)-y(t)^2+.3*sin(2*Pi*t);</maple> and i want to set the initial conditions initis:=[[y(0)=0.5],[y(0)=1.0],[y(0)=1.5]] which i know how to do, however, i need to do this for an initial t<sub>0 </sub>of 0,1,2.....10.</p>
<p>I currently have <maple>DEplot(de, y(t), t = 0 .. 10, inits, y(t) = 0 .. 2, stepsize = .1);</maple> which is for t<sub>0</sub> = 0 but have no idea how to do this for any other  t<sub>0</sub></p>
<p>Any help would be great. Thanks</p>
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