Question: Problem of install of Maple 11 with Vista


I've changed my PC so I've tried to reinstall Maple 11 from XP to Vista (with the Vista installer of Maple). I've got the following issues:

  • the installer remains in a loop where it asks permanently for a folder to uncompress the files. Each time you browse to propose a folder, you get again the same question. This is not a blocking point, because you can go to the setup file once uncompressed and double-click on it. Anyway, it does not make you confident for the rest of the install.
  • when you install Maple from the setup file, it looks fine, you can open Maple once installed. The point is when you download a worksheet, you get the message 'currentdir.m is an incorrect or outdated .m file (6#9$)'. You can click OK to close the window, and for almost all the maple procedures of the worksheet, you get a similar error message ('procedure_name.m is an incorrect or outdated .m file (code)'). It is also impossible to lauch any maplet.

This version of Maple (11.02) with the same worksheets and maplets works fine with XP (most of the worksheets and maplets come from the Maple Application Center). No problem of install with XP.

So, if someone has a clue, thanks for your help.

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