Question: Error, (in simpl/abs) abs is not differentiable at 0

In an effort to draw the unit normal of a vector, n, to a curve defined by a radius curve, r, the following command is inputted to Maple but recieves the error also noted below.


Error, (in simpl/abs) abs is not differentiable at 0

 However a plot of the components of the unit vector shows that it is well behaved at 0, i.e. it has values of <-1,0,0>

Execution of the following commands demonstrates this:


[-1.000000000,1.850000001 10,4.5000000002 10]


[-1.000000000,-1.850000001 10,-4.5000000002 10]

Being new to MAPLE and computer algebra how does one work around this? Clearly here the function is differntiable, but I am being stopped in my tracks.  What about the situation where there is a dicontiniuty, how do we proceed formard.

Thanks Joe

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