Question: Plotting a procedure

I am trying to plot the following procedure in the variable s_val (with p_val and pa_val at fixed values):

> Q_opt:=proc(s_val,p_val,pa_val)
> fsolve(subs(p=p_val,subs(s=s_val,subs(pa=pa_val,FOC))),Q);
> end proc:

with no luck. I have tried the following variants of plot:


> plot(subs(p_val=0,subs(pa_val=0.6,Q_opt)),s_val=0.5..0.59,axes=BOXED);

Error, (in plot) invalid plotting of procedures, perhaps you mean plot(Q_opt, .5 .. .59, axes = BOXED)


> plot(subs(p_val=0,subs(pa_val=0.6,Q_opt)),0.5..0.59,axes=BOXED);

Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct


> plot(subs(p_val=0,subs(pa_val=0.6,'Q_opt(s_val,p_val,pa_val)')),s_val=0.5..0.59,axes=BOXED);

Warning, computation interrupted

How do I plot this procedure in s_val, with fixed values of p_val and pa_val?

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