Question: A syntax problem... difficulty finding the source.

So I went ahead with alec's timer code and expanded on that, his window approach was also the approach I would need to furthar push the project to completion, so the beginning is pretty much his code, and works plenty fine. Now I was working on the project and then realized in order to set things up the way I want, i'm going to have to make a grid layout, also suggested by a fine coder here in a previous help topic, now my problem is, I had to rehaul ALL of my code to use grid layout, grid layout seems like a really easy to use system, and I started converting all the code to comply with that, and in the huge mess of brackets and square brackets, I seem to have messed up the overall opening and closing of said brackets. View on MapleNet I apologize for the intense enter scheme, I did it to help me better see where I open and close brackets. Still it seems I have some missing or need some, and i've tried to find it for nearly two hours, it's driven me up the wall and I nearly claimed the life of my neighbor. Help on this would be intensely appreciated, as once I get this bulk working, adding onto it would be very easy. Thank you in advance. View on MapleNet or Download
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