Question: Tensors in Maple 14

Hello everyone,

What is the best way to work with tensors in Maple 14?  I know that there is a Tensor package but that seems to be mainly focused on General Relativity and that is not what I am interested in.  I would like to have a way to create tensor objects that can interact with other objects like vectors and matrices that I have created using the Linear Algebra package.  For example, it is natural to think of a matrix as a 1-1 tensor.  You can multiply that matrix times a vector to get another vector-in relativity you would say, contract a 1-1 tensor with a 1-0 tensor to get another 1-0 tensor.  I would like to have a 1-2 tensor that I can multiply a vector by to get a 1-1 tensor, and to do it in the language of the LinearAlgebra package ("Vector," "Matrix," "MatrixVectorMultiply," and suchlike.)  I really don't want to translate everything into the language of General Relativity--it just is not natural for what I am doing.  Any thoughts?  

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