Question: How to format to a set of equations?

When I solve a determined linear system of equations with two equations and two parameters I receive a set of equations.


s1:=solve({mu = n*p, sigma^2 = n*p*(1-p)},{n,p});

                              2                 2
                            mu            -sigma  + mu
              s1 := {n = ------------, p = ------------}
                              2                mu
                        -sigma  + mu

BUT when I like to solve an overdetermined system of equations, solve is not applicable in the same way, i.e.

s2:=solve({mu = (1-q)/q, sigma^2 = (1-q)/q^2},{q});

doesn´t work.


Now, is there a way to let Maple solve these two equations within s2 for q and have the result been displayed as a set of equations (like the result for s1)?

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