Question: Using calculated data to calculate new values


my problem is quite complicated, so will try to discribe it shortly.

I am developing a model over 100 periods of time. The value at time t, depends on other values at time t and of the value of the variable itself in the period before (t-1).

For example:

Y_t= K_ta * L_tb

K_t= Y_t-1 - C_t-1

C_t-1=C_0 * (1+gC_t-1)t-1

gC_t-1 depends again on Y_t-1


I thoght of storing the calculated values into a Matrix and reusing those values to calculate the next periode. The problem is, that I did not find a way how I can store values to a Matrix once at a time and the upload only the needed value and not the hole Matrix.

I hope someone can understand my problem and give me a hit how to solve it or where to find a solution.

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