Question: How can I manage the memory in Maple programs?

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I am solving a nonlinear differential equation by Maple. The equation is slarge. A large amount of memory is then required. I have a computer with 8 gigabytes memory. This memory o large and has many terms. Therefore, the algebraic expressions created in process of solving are so is very low to perform some commands of Maple such as "taylor" or "expand". I compel using the "restart" command to clear the memory after saving the results of each stage of solving. In order to have the previous results in memory, I use the "read" command after "restart". In this way, I release a lot of memory without losing any previous data. However, this procedure can not be executable or efficient every time. I have a question. How can I clear the non-useful memory without using "restart" command? I knew that Maple occupies a lot of memory in calculating some commands such as "taylor", however the result of this command itself alone does not require this amount of memory. How can I release this amount of memory occupied after using some commands?

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