Question: Inputting equations into a procedure

Is there a simple way to allow for the input of a list of equations into a procedure?

I have these three equations:

f[1] := x[2]+3*x[4]+x[5]-x[6]=2;
f[2] := x[1]+2*x[2]-x[3]+x[4]+3*x[6]+x[7]=13;
f[3] := x[1]+x[2]-3*x[3]-x[4]+x[5]-x[8]=26;

Ideally I would want something like proc([f[1],f[2],f[3]]). Is something like this possible?


P.S. I have tried proc(f::algebraic) but got the error message:

Error, invalid input: maximise expects its 4th argument, f, to be of type algebraic, but received [x[2]+3*x[4]+x[5]+x[6] = 2, x[1]+2*x[2]-x[3]+x[4]+3*x[6]+x[7] = 13, x[1]+x[2]-3*x[3]-x[4]+x[5]-x[8] = 26]



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