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I'm trying to get the Apollonius geometry function to work with a set of circles, and it's giving me some trouble. I suspect I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what. I'm using Maple 10.02 on Windows XP. When I do the following, everything works great: with(geometry): circle(test1,[point(t1p,0,0),1]): circle(test2,[point(t2p,2,0),1]): circle(test3,[point(t3p,0,3),1]): tapp := Apollonius(test1,test2,test3); tapp := [Ap1_of_test1_test2_test3, Ap2_of_test1_test2_test3, Ap3_of_test1_test2_test3, Ap4_of_test1_test2_test3] However, when I change the test3 circle to be tangent to test1, I get this error:
Hello, currently I am trying to find out about the java(CN,a,b,c,d,...) function named in the Maple TA help. I just knocked together a small class which implements the named public function public String eval(String[ ] args); I tried to figure out the right place for my class. So I created a *.jar file containing it. I put it inside the "java" directory contained in the Maple TA install dir. But this does not work. :-( Right now I am wondering where to put this class and/or jar-file?! Has anybody used this function and is able to help me out? I would be really thankful for a hint because that function promises to be very useful...
Hello dear Maple users! I have the following problem that I am trying to solve with maple. I have a set of data points (i made these up for now, the real set has more points) x:=( 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ) y:=( 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ) z:=( 3,1,3,2,4,7,7,9 ) Now, I know how to surface fit this and get maple to formulate an equation for z=f(x,y) with the following statement: w:=(Statistics:-Fit(a + b*x + c*y + d*x^2 + e*x*y+f*y^2,
Hi Maple's experts, I would like to draw inequalities in R^3. Is there a similar command (to "inequal") for more than two unknown variables?. Thanks in advance, JJ
Hi. There is a command called genvecs in mathcad and i wonder if there is something similar in maple. Or can somebody tell me how to make the same in maple. Regards M
has someone a sheet about percolation theory ? I put a very simple one on my blog: percolation
Can maple do this ? and how .... I know you can do the graph, but I need to know if maple can do my problem. ex: Y(t+1) + Y(t) = (-1)^t and y(0) = 2
Hello, How to select the maxima of the list H1:= [[8,9,11],[8,10,11],[5,10,6]]? I do mean, I would need to select the maxima among the first components (8,8,5), second components (9,10,10) and third components (11,11,6). I would also need the index of this elements that are in the maxima set. Leika
I want to draw the set of points that satisfies the following sets of inequalities: x+y>=50; #(1) x+z>=50; # (2) y+z>=50; # (3) subject to x+y+z=100; I tried: >with(plots): >implicitplot3d( {x+y+z=100, x+y>=50,x+z>=50,y+z>=50}, x=0..120, >y=0..110, z=0..115, axes=normal); 1. How could I do to see exactly the required set in a different colour? It would be possible to give different colours to each constraint (1-> yellow, 2->blue, 3 ->red)? 2. It would be possible to avoid the three dimension space and to represent everything on the plane x+y+z=100 (that is, to represent the inequalities 1, 2 and 3 only on this plane)?.

I am looking for an explanation for the following behavior :

> f := proc(x) somefunc(x) end proc:
> a := table([variable=z]):
> f(a);
> f(a) assuming z::real;

Why is 'a' replaced with its corresponding table in the second case? And is it possible to use the name 'a' in the return value?

-- Thanks for any reply,

Is it possible to use units on functions/data that will be plotted? I have tried but it seems to flag an error. If it is not allowed, what is the best way to strip the units before plotting? Thanks, Dgiznya
I can pointplot a single curve if I select a single element from the list below. Is it possible to use all the elements of the list and plot several curves on the same graph?
Hi! How do you compare values with units attached: eg. this error message displays x := 4(m) y := 5(m) if x <>
hi again! Is it possible to disregard part of an equation if the denominator is zero? Thanks.
Hi, I was just wondering whether it is possible to limit the simplification of units to display N and mm rather than kg/s^2. Also when i square the units and then square root them is it possible for it to simplify the square root without right clicking and selecting simplify? Thanks!
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