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Is there a way to remove the parentheses around y'(t)?

Thank you!



proc() local a := 0, b := 1;
  print(proc(x::uneval) x := 1 end proc(a));
  print(proc(x::uneval) x := b end proc(a))
end proc();
Error, (in unknown) illegal use of a formal parameter

Why doesn't the second nested procedure keep a unevaluated?

With Typesetting level set to Maple Standard, x->(f@g)(x) is displayed as x->f@g(x), which is wrong because composition has lower precedence than function application.

sum((-1)^k/k^(1/2), k = 2 .. infinity);
Error, (in polylog) numeric exception: division by zero


how can filter data im maple 18 befor used in draw plot? i need simple example

this is plot of f(x)=x(by used maple18) ,how can me change (2.5-, 1.5- ,0.5-) in x-axis to true?

Anybody know how to compute coding for eigenvalues for basic reproduction number using the next generation matrix?

I dont know how to compute coding for eigenvalues.

Hello people in mapleprimes,

I have a question.
I want to modify

a := rho^(epsilon-1)*a__01^(-k)*(N__E2/Omega+N__E1*mu)*(K+1)/mu;

But, I can't do that modification.

The key term is

I know how to use applyop, but even if I use it, I couldn't obtain b.

Please teach me about this.



Hello everyone!


Total beginner here. So far I am just using the right click options in Maple,  and worked wonderfully until now.


Two questions for some charitable sould out there:

1) I have a system of inequalities that I need to solve. I am interested in the *conditions between the variables under which a given inequality is satisfied*.

Using the "solve" command I only get a few of these. Do you know any script that can obtain more solutions? 


2) I have some (long) equations and want to be able to visualize them in different ways to make sense of it. So far I have only been using "simplify" and "combine", but it keeps on returning the same result even if I can see there are other possible ways of factoring the equation. How can I tell Maple to give me "different optiosn" as to visualize the equation?


Thank you all!!







Hi there,

I am doing my assignment and struggling to do the last question: (only part (c))
The left side shows the question. 3(d) is basically a phase portrait / vector field plot of a 2D system of differential equations on x-y plane. However,I am not sure how to extend it to 3 dimension. Moreover, for the second part, they ask me to plot x-t and y-t on the same graph,which is something similar to right hand side of the above picture (NOTE:THE plot doesn't represent the system in Question 4) . However,I've got the z term.How should I fix it?

I am working on a problem collaboratively with someone that uses mathematica, and he is getting different input for the expression i have referred to in formal notation.

I found the MmaTranslator package, and see that there is a FromMma command, but i need to convert my maple input to mathematica so that he is able to work with the same expression in an interface familair to him.


Thankyou in advance for your cooperation and assistance


Hello people in mapleprimes,

I want to know some way, if there is, to do the modification of the following, that is

The original expression: (beta*L__1/P)^beta*((1-beta)*L__1)^(1-beta)
The expression after modification: beta^beta*L__1*(1/P)^beta*(1-beta)^(1-beta)

I did this with freezing (1-beta) in (1-beta)*L__1.
But, this is a little long code. I will be glad if you tell me some more simple way to do this.

Thanks in advance.



how to integrate this integral


g := simplify(int((s^3-5*s^2+1)/(s+2)^2, s = 0 .. x))

I have a small data sample of some occurrence in time.  For an example lets take the time it takes kids to finish their lunch to determine wether a school has given them enough time for recess.

The times are (20,15,12,18,15,13,13,10,14,14,15,17,8,22,16) in minutes.

What distribution should I use? 

Should I just calculate the mean and std. dev. from the data and generate a normal distribution, like below?

Sample(X,3) # generate a few samples

I could also randomly choose from the observed 15 data points. 

combinat[randcomb](a,3) # randomly pick 3 of data points

Which method would be better?  Is randcomb following any kind of distribution? 

Hi there,

I've been asked to do the following and now I'm struggling to do part (c) (Part (a) and (b) are irrelevant!)


code for part(c):

So I want to animate the system of differential equations when a=1,and b as the parameter varying from 0.5 to 3,also 0<=x<=5,0<=y<=5;while t could be any arbitrary range from 0 to,say,50.However, I am not sure where to include b in my code.

Thanks in advance

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