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We are looking to use TA.  Our Uni common authentication system uses Apache/Kerberos.  Is there a way of getting TA to use the Apache-supplied authenticated username?  

The documentation seems to suggest the only options are TA's internal user/pw system (where I saw something that suggests the p/words are held in plain text(!)) or an LDAP server.

Grateful, as always,  for any insight.


Obtain Hamilton's equations of motion for a plane pendulum of length l with mass poin m whose radius of suspension rotates uniformly on the circumference of a vertical circle of radius a.  Describe physically the nature of the canonical momentum and the Hamiltonian.





I know this is a mathematics forum, but I think that there are many faculty members and others here directly or indirectly affiliated with physics.

Again from Goldstein's, "Classical Mechanics" Chapter 8, The Hamilton Equations Of Motion.

The question is:

Write the problem of central force motion of two mass points in Hamiltonian formulation, eliminating the cyclic variables, and reducing the problem to quadratures.




How would i go about modelling the Least Square Fitting Approach in maple?

I am concentrating on a 3x3 to a 5x5 grid rather than infinate.

the formula is

y = C  + Dt

I know the least fitting approach then goes into inversiting the matrix, or something, but i dont understand the math model which is why i want to model it in Maple.

Thanks for any help

To Maplet Experts:
There is dearth of work  on ComboBox, a maplet element.  How does one access an item in a ComboBox.  How does one know which item in the itemlist is selected.  How does one pass selected item as an argument in a function,
I will appreciate any respond to these questions. 
Pat Velez

consider the system

2x1 + x2     = 1

 x1 + 4x2 + x3 = -1

           x2 + 2x3=3

Find x using the Jacobi iterative scheme with x= (0,0,0)


I'm currently trying to write a matrix question. My problem is that the answer can take to forms. I can use a maple graded question to exect both answers but am having trouble when it comes to using a 'matrix; type question. It there a way to get the matrix question to accep the both answers or has it got to be done with a maple graded question.



ps below is the text file it needs to saved and then uploaded.




Dear all,

I would like to solve the following equation (linearized Poisson-Boltzmann in 2D) in Maple:


subject to the boundary condition:

u(x,a*cos(bx))=0 and  u(x,y)|y->infinity=0

(a,b and k are parameters)

I succeed to get the solution with pdsolve, my problem is how to solve the boundary condition problem.



A link to a Maple10 worksheet is attached below.  The worksheet has the command lines but has not been executed so it size came under the limit for uploading.  The worksheet is an effort to animate the radius vector to a spacecurve complete with the tangent vector and associated normal and binormal vectors.  Early in the worksheet we suceed in animating the radius vector and the spacecurve.  This success was achieved with some pain.  For instance errors with the plot structures na ddisplay command would not work unless the whole sheet was executed - if, after this,

The code generates lines parallel to the opposite side of a given triangle. How can I control the animation to stop at x=10 or not to go outside the triangle.

I'm considering to buy an Asus Eee Pc 4G, but before I'd like to know if Maple 11 can smoothly run on it (at least with classic interface). Is there somebody who has tried it? Thank you!
Hi, Does anyone know a way to modify the number of rows and columns in a spreadsheet in Maple? For example, if I wanted a 500 by 2 spreadsheet, how would I go about getting it? Right now, the spreadsheet maxes out at 100 rows. Thanks in advance for your help. -Evan
In previous versions of Maple there was an abort/interrupt capability-one could hold down the command key and a period at the same time and eventually Maple would stop the calculation. (Mac worksheet interface). Now there is an interrupt icon which is frequently ignored by Maple. I am currently in an ∞ loop and cannot get out! Help!
hi let's look for the intersection of 2 functions the first one f1 := unapply(CurveFitting[Spline]([[1.55, 1], [1.6, 0], [1.65, 0], [1.7, 0], [1.75, 0], [1.80, 0], [1.85, 0], [1.9, 0], [1.95, 0]], x, degree = 1), x); the second one r := unapply(CurveFitting[Spline]([[1.55, 0], [1.6, 1], [1.65, 1], [1.7, 1], [1.75, 0], [1.80, 0], [1.85, 0], [1.9, 0], [1.95, 0]], x, degree = 1), x); when we plot the 2 functions : plot({f1(x), r(x)}, x = 1 .. 1.95, y = 0 .. 1, thickness = 3); we see that there is 2 intersections that are 1.575000000, RealRange(1.750000000, infinity) but maple gives 1.575000000, 1.550000000, RealRange(1.750000000, infinity)
I have conmpleted a maplet application. It takes 45 seconds to initiate the application. I understand to speed up my application is to convert it into a module. Can someone show me how to convert my applicatioh into module. Consider the application: with(Maplets[Elements]):Hello:=Maplet(["Hello World!", Button("OK", Shutdown())]): Maplets[Display](Hello): thanks in advance. Pat
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