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Hi everyone.

I have an assignment due in my computing class. However, I'm stuck on these 6 questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please show all work, step by step. Unfortunately though, I can't use Maple shortcuts like "sum" to sum the terms in a sequence, so try not to use those.

Thanks in advanced :)

Hi ,everyone.When I entered the following code I got the error massage "Warning, solutions may have been lost." I want to solve x,how can I deal with this problem?Thanks a lot.

 p := 1730;
 r := .15;
mu := .17;
c := 120000;
k := 60000;
sigma := .2;
y := .89;
CI := 500000000;

Hi everybody, Using pdsolove(SyPDE, BIC, numeric), I have to model propagation of two waves , u(x,t) and v(x,t) , in two elastic test rods that are in contact. The problem are boundary conditions at the contact surfaces: values of forces and strain are equal at the first rod right end and at the second rod left end: D[1](u)(l_1,t)=D[1](v)(0,t) and (u)(l_1,t)=(v)(0,t) Maple can't do that. Should I put in code some transitional Maple expression or function for force and strain, like, for force X:=(delta*x)/l, in order to get this: D[1](u)(l_1,t)=X, D[1](v)(l_1,t)=X,

Hey, does anyone here know how to program the product Nystrom method for solving integral equations of the second kind? Thanks

Dear all:

   suppossed i have a function as following :


where  x is belong to (0,Pi/2), I3,I5 is defined to I3^2+I5^2 < .232.

i have ploted some curves of f(x) . As to different I3 and I5, the curve of f(x) have different point of intersection with y=1 function, may one point or two  point or three where 0<x<Pi/2.

hi,i am new to this and when i start up maple 12 i get the following error:"Java Virtual Machine Launcher, could not create the java virtual machine".


I have a problem with define(f,multilinear). I want that Maple threats alpha[i,j] as a constant such that f(e[1], alpha[2, 4]*e[4])=alpha[2,4] f(e[1],e[4]). I've added all the alpha[i,j] to the constants, but still, he fails to compute f(e[1], alpha[2, 4]*e[4]).

It works when I add alpha(i,j) to the constants, but then the rest of my program doesn't work, so it really should be with [,] and not with (,).


I've recently updated to Maple 12 (on Mac OS X.4.11) and am still learning how to use it. A search on Maple FAQs didn't turn up any answers to the following questions.


I am posting it again. I need the plot of W(i+1/2)=1/2*(W(i)+W(i+1))+1/2*sqrt(sagma*t)*g(i)    where g(i) is an independent N(0,1) sample. Please some one help. i have attached a file of the plot which I need.

Download 10597_10597_Brwonian Motion.doc
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In my 3 D histogram the colums have a 1*1 base, so normally they would be labeled 1,2,3,4,5 on the x and the y axes but instead of this I want to label them 0.25,.05,0.75,1,1.25,1.5 and so on.......... Is there a way to do it?
Hi experts, I created a 3D histogram with(plots); with(LinearAlgebra); A := [[2],[3],[3],[4]]; matrixplot(A, heights = histogram, labels = [c1, c2, ExpectedProfit], tickmarks = [spacing(2), [seq(i, i = 0 .. 8, 3)], default], axes = normal) Now I want to assign a colour to each column. When the value is 2 of the Matrix it should be red for example, when it is 3 for example yellow and so on. Later Later I want to expand it to a Matrix with B[n,m]n=10 values... Thanks alot in advance for your help!

Hi to all,

I am new to maple. I want a maple procedure for the following Boundary values problem.



Download 10597_Elliptic PDE.doc
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I installed maple 12 as root user successfully. But sometimes simple command like
1+1 or any command takes a long time to complete. After a long delay maple
displays result. It's happening very often and it's annoying. I'm using Debian
Etch, kernel 2.16.8-custom.

Hi Everybody: I've a question about "convolution". How can I afford the convolution of different scaled functions?... In Example: F (2*X/T) in convolution with G ( X/T ) ? Is this equals to : Int ( F(2*w/T) * G((X-w)/T), w=-infinity.. infinity)? Am I wrong?... The particular problem is : Convolution of ( T*Triangle(2*X/T) ) with ( shah( X/T ) ), with Shah (x) = Sum( Dirac (x-n), n= - infinity.. infinity). Thanks for helping!

Hi everybody,

I am totally new to Maple, therefore the code I submit could be very inefficient. A few comments

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