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Hi, I have three equations Y=f(t) with each equation corresponding to a probability as shown below. Y1=f(t) with probability of 0.05% Y2=f(t) with probability of 5% and Y3=f(t) with probability of 50% If we assume that these probabilities belong to a normal distribution how can I work out the equations for 99.95% and 95%probability.In other words I would like to mirror Y1 and Y2. The idea is to plot all the equations of 0.05%,5%,50%,95% and 99.95% probability in the same plot and create a 3D surface where the axis will be Y,t and P(probability) or even better generate the equation of P=f(Y,t) that will describe this surface.
Hello, I have problem with uploading files generated from Maple 10 with task help to Maple TA server. Could you help me someone please? I create maple mw files form task help and then I save this mw to maple ta zip file and then I would like to upload this question file to Maple ta server, but it is not work and I do not know while. It occures an error Errors loading the question bank: halo.zip Reason: Error at line 1. Unrecognized escape character: \? Where is the mistake? Thank you Vladimir
I have a 3x3 matrix that has large expressions for some of the elements. Within Maple it displays correctly in Typeset mode with two large brackets defining the matrix. When I print the workbook this matrix prints in Maple text format with lots of nested [...]. Smaller 3x3 matrices print in Typeset mode just fine. What governs when Maple switches from printing matrices in Typeset mode to Maple text mode? Is there any way I can force a matrix that displays properly in Typeset mode to print properly in Typeset mode? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Neill Smith
When I use PDEtools in Maple10 to get subscript notation of derivatives it works for equations that are assigned to another variable name. It does not work for equations that are referred to only by their Maple10-generated equation numbers. The sample case below shows the problem. It is an edited Maple-text version. I tried uploading the file, but neither Live Worksheet or HTML copy correctly display. Live Worksheet apparently doesn't access PDEtools, and the HTML copy can't handle equation number references. I can supply the test file to any one who wants it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hi, I am writing my output using printf(...) procedure. Sometimes I would like to use bold font. Is it possible to interfere with maple 10, like this kernelopts(.... turn bold on :-) .....) printf("something in bold\n"); kernelopts(.... turn bold off :-) ....) printf("something not in bold\n"); Is any way to do this?
Hi there, I've just started using Maple, and must say it is a real good tool - powerfull!!! But to the point, I have created a 'simple' procedure for determinig the shape of UMP Unbiased test for testing H0: the probability 'p' of getting "1" in the Bernoulli scheme is
I, i need to plot a z-trasformed function (discrete function), that has some "Dirac" (isn't a real Dirac function) points. How I have to do? This is an example: f:=1/2*(charfcn[2])(k)-3/4*(charfcn[1])(k)-3/8*(charfcn[0])(k)+3/8*2^k;
It's according to my project, again. I want to plot a pentatope (4-simplex) with Maple. I've tried using plot3d with animate but it's look doesn't work. Thanks for your help.
I'm trying to find some articles on people's experiences (good, bad, indifferent) about their use of Maple TA. Does anybody know of any good ones? Some time ago I could download articles from the Maple conferences in pdf form, but when I went looking more recently I couldn't find them Thanks, Alasdair
Nowadays i am trying to program a kind of computer algorithm to generate a random mathematical formula, and I'm having an argument with another mapleTA programer, the question is this one: What is more efficient, have a question for all the types of formulas with random variables or have only one question with a code like: $a = range(-5,5); $ea= range(1,5); $eb= range(1,5); $ec= range(1,5); $eq1 = switch(rint(7),maple('$a*x^$ea*y^$eb*z^$ec'),maple('$a*x^$ea*y^$eb'),maple('$a*x^$ea*z^$ec'),maple('$a*y^$eb*z^$ec'),maple('$a*x^$ea'),maple('$a*y^$eb'),maple('$a*z^$ec'));
can anyone help me start with how do I solve the equation sqrt(1 - y^2(t)) with initial value y(0)=0 and y(t) between -1 and 1 and t between -pi/2 and pi/2
Hello I to have about the PDE question, the topic like appendix, asks everybody to help me to do explains View 2857_QQ.mw on MapleNet or Download 2857_QQ.mw
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Hello there! I have a maple code that is approximately 300 lines. There are no graphs printed and I would like to export this as a LaTeX code. I choose export under File and save the file as "test.tex" I have installed all the maple packages and refreshed fndb. The problem is that LaTex is not able to run the document. I get the following error: ! Argument of \end has an extra }.
Hi Am trying to tidy up a printout of two columns in M version 7, such that the second column is lined up. Using the tab character \t in the printf statement does not seem to work - it just shifts a fixed number of spces, rather than go to a tab stop position. The following Maple code is very klutzy: however its redeeming feature is that it does work. Sample Maple code: #Create a long string of spaces (26 spaces between " ") aspac:=CharacterMap( "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ", " ", cat(a,a) ); #NB a is the first 'word' - see output below #spac is a string of spaces to ensure alignment
Hi Maplers: I'm probably spoiled, but maybe Maple can actually solve the following type of problem and I just haven't figured out how. Solve a recursion equation in two variables: f(m+1,n+1) = some expression involving combinations of f(m,n) etc. I am impressed with "rsolve" that magically finds solutions to f(m+1)=... i.e. a single variable. With great effort I have managed to figure out my 2-variable problem using generating function techniques, but perhaps Maple can do the whole thing in one great big single step. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? I can't find anything in the Help.
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