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I have derived a transfer function for a filter and would like to sweep the frequency and evaluate the result at each point.  Then I would like to plot all of this data to obtain the filter's frequency response. Anyone know how to do this?  Do I use a subs command??? Any suggestions would be great!!


I have the following differential equation which governs a circuit analysis problem.. I would like to be able to seperate the V1(t) terms from the V2(t) terms and then move the V1(t) terms to the right hand side. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this with commands in Maple? I am using version 9.5. Thanks!!! Kirk (1/R1+1/R2)*(diff(V2(t), t))-(diff(V1(t), t))/R1+(V2(t)-V1(t))/L+C*(diff(V2(t), `$`(t, 2))) = 0
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