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When I use: >with(process) >launch("notepad") then notepad is open in the background, but, how do I to run another aplication? with matlab is easy, but e.g. How do I with Origin? or How many formats (i.e. .pdf,.txt, etc.) accept maple? Thanks a lot
Hello, I´m trying to create a maplets, but crash out with problem, I don´t now how to create in a smart way a method for count the number of varibles, I did that in the following lines: for Num from 1 to 1E6 do > A[Num]:=assigned(u[Num]): > if A[Num]=true then > N:=Num > end if; > end do: u[k] is a vector, and N, obviously the number of them. because I guess that the user, don´t want introduce more than a million of vectors, I don´t like that way. If somebody know the answer to my (maybe silly) question, please, explain it. Please replace this text with the link to your file.
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