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Dear Maple users,

I am embarassed to ask your help, but having downloaded the update for the AEM-book for Maple 13, I am unable to activate it so I can open it in Maple 13.  I have followed instructions to the letter, but the software says it cannot find Maple 13 in my programmes folder. Can you assist? Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Audrey Kirfoot


Dear Maple community, I want to produce an animation of a double-napped cone and the plane for my worksheet. Have spent a few months attempting this to no avail (and lost the kernal once or twice). Can anyone help? Assistance is much appreciated. Thank you. Audrey Kirfoot
Hello Maple Users, Excuse me if this appears twice (computer illiterate). I am using Maple 11 in the standard worksheet interface in text (not document) mode, and wish to insert graphs (previously plotted) into the text region, then click below the graph and continue in text mode; it is important the flow of argument with text, graph, text, is maintained. In the Classic worksheet this can be done, but not, it appears, in the standard worksheet. Can anyone help? Thank you. Sincerely, A. Kirfoot.
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