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 Can any one help me?  please see the attached maple file.

ThxDownload 10597_aa.mws
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I am posting it again. I need the plot of W(i+1/2)=1/2*(W(i)+W(i+1))+1/2*sqrt(sagma*t)*g(i)    where g(i) is an independent N(0,1) sample. Please some one help. i have attached a file of the plot which I need.

Download 10597_10597_Brwonian Motion.doc
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Hi to all

I want to convert a maple file to Latex. How it sholud be done. Any one can help me.


Download 10597_discretized Brownian path.doc
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I need the plot for the attached problem. I need it before 3 April 2009. Please some one help me.


Hi to all,

I am new to maple. I want a maple procedure for the following Boundary values problem.



Download 10597_Elliptic PDE.doc
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